Arkansas and Oklahoma Conservatory of Music and Arts Delegate Application

Please use the "Conservatory Application" button to the right to apply to come as a delegate to The Arkansas and Oklahoma Conservatory of Music. Use the form multiple times to apply for multiple delegates.  Please do not attempt to fill out the form in the Lotus Notes web browser, as this could cause the form to not submit correctly. Open this page in another browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

For more information about the Conservatory program, including daily schedules, camper life, visitation polices, and more, please explore the tabs to the right. 

Conservatory Dates: June 12 - July 15th. 

A note from DMD Andrew Barrington:

Here will find a link to our new and improved online application of the AOK Conservatory of Music.  When applying please remember the following:

Reserved Spots:

Every corps will have two spots reserved for Conservatory. One spot is for the AOK Leadership School, and the other is for a beginner brass student. This reservation will be held until Friday, May 5th. After that date, spots remaining spots will be opened up to everyone. The AOK Leadership School is offered for conservatory students from your corps who show potential in leadership.  They can focus in one of four disciplines (Instrumental, Choral, Pastoral, Contemporary Worship). This has shown real fruit and we encourage every corps to identify and send at least one student for this school. 

Studio Changes

We are instituting changes to the Percussion and Stage Craft Studios. The  Percussion Studio will not be accepting beginner musicians. If a delegate has no prior music experience, they must go into one of the other majors for their first year. The Stage Craft Studio now has a minimum age of 14, as the classwork required may not be suitable for younger delegates.

Major Options

This year we are offering Brass, Percussion, Piano, Dance, Guitar and Stage Craft as majors. On the application, please select a first and second choice for a major.

Beginner Brass Instrument Program

New students majoring in brass will be eligible to receive a new instrument for their use.  While this instrument belongs to the division, it will be assigned to the corps sending the student and should be added to your inventory.

Age and Acceptance Policy

The AOK Conservatory of Music accepts students ages 12-18.  Students who are 10-11 will be considered after an interview involving the student, DMD, Corps Officer, and Parent.

Students will be accepted first based on previous years' attendance and behavior.  After this, we will accept new students.  Students who have been disciplined on a divisional level in the past year will not be eligible for acceptance without an interview with me.

Please note that we always have a waiting list for conservatory.  It is important to receive your applications as quickly as possible so we can begin the vetting of applicants and to ensure space for your student.  I will routinely post a bed count as we get closer to capacity.  I would love to have every corps represented at Conservatory this year.

I look forward to receiving your applications.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.

-DMD Andrew Barrington

Download the form below to use to gather information from potential delegates. Please note that you will not submit the form. It is simply used to gather info to fill out the online application.