Arkansas and Oklahoma Conservatory of Music and Arts Delegate Application

Please use the "Conservatory Application" button to the right to apply to come as a delegate to The Arkansas and Oklahoma Conservatory of Music. Use the form multiple times to apply for multiple delegates.  Please do not attempt to fill out the form in the Lotus Notes web browser, as this could cause the form to not submit correctly. Open this page in another browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

For more information about the Conservatory program, including daily schedules, camper life, visitation polices, and more, please explore the tabs to the right. 

Conservatory Dates: June 12 - July 15th. 

A note from DMD Andrew Barrington:

Below is an addition to The AOK Conservatory of Music and Arts that will benefit you and the division as we move forward:

A New Major

We will, for the first time, offer a Visual Arts Major at the AOK Conservatory of Music and Arts.  This will include painting, pottery, photography, and digital design.

Important Reminders

We will not receive applications for first year students to come as percussion students.  We feel that percussionists have better long-term success after attending conservatory as a brass or piano major for at least one year.

We have decided to raise the age to 14+ for our stagecraft major.  We have discovered that younger students are not mature enough to be successful in this major.

We have decided to limit the size of the percussion and dance majors to ensure more personalized instruction for each student.  It will be important to have a secondary major selected in case your student is not selected for their primary choice.

We will, again, reserve a spot for each corps to select and send a student for the AOK Conservatory Leadership School.  These reservations will be lifted on Friday, May 4 so it will be important to get these applications in soon.

We will also be reserving a spot for each corps to send 1 beginning brass major to the AOK Conservatory of Music and Arts.  Again, these reservations will be lifted on Friday, May 4, 2018.  You, of course, can send more than 1 beginner, but a spot is reserved for you to send one.

As you can see, we continue to strive to provide the best Conservatory experience for your students and continue to evolve as we see needs in the division.

The life blood of The AOK Conservatory of Music and Arts are its returning students!  Our conservatory is designed for returning students and we feel that this is the best way to get the most out of this program.  With that said, new students are equally important.  We encourage you to send someone to conservatory, even if your corps has never sent a student before.  We believe sending someone to conservatory is the best way to build your local music and arts program. 

Conservatory fills up fast so we encourage you to submit your applications soon.

Feel free to call me with any questions. God bless,

DMD Andrew Barrington


Download the form below to use to gather information from potential delegates. Please note that you will not submit the form. It is simply used to gather info to fill out the online application.