AOK Divisional Percussion Studio

The AOK Divisional Percussion Studio is designed to train skilled, well rounded Salvation Army percussionists. This is a comprehensive program that covers technique, theory, and common instruments such as snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, timpani, auxiliary percussion, Latin percussion, and drumset.

All percussionists at Darts will spend time in their assigned brass band, as well as attend a percussion class. They will spend one hour in a percussion techniques class that consists of a traditional class setting and supervised private practice. Percussionists will then be given material to practice at home. Online content will also be provided through this site.

Downloadable Materials

You can download the course material below. Please note that you will need a password to download it. This password is given out at DARTS, but you can contact the AOK Music Department to receive it. 


Concert Percussion 101

Rudiment Play-Alongs

Method Books & Practice Aides

The following links contain all the method books used in this program, as well as helpful resources and practice aids.