Christmas Discount from Trade

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Trade is offering 10% discounts on Trade South stocked Christmas supplies! This includes the Caroler's Favorites and Christmas Spirit publications. This would be a perfect time to get new books for your corps, or replace missing parts. Christmas in Brass is also discounted. Check out the link below to browse the flyers.

Please order Christmas supplies on the web site.   Salvation Army locations have the ability to place orders using their Trade Account Number or to pay by Credit Card. Discounts are only available if you order On-Line (only) before October 1st.

Posted on August 16, 2018 .

Choreographer's Conference

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Choreographers Conference

Rooted, Growing, Reaching

The Territorial Music Department is hosting a Choreographer’s Conference at the end of September. This is a time to equip and encourage the dance leaders throughout the territory to create skillful and meaningful dances as well as a way to discover new and creative ways to use dance ministry as an evangelistic tool in the community.

When: Sept. 28030, 2018

Where: Evangeline Booth College, Atlanta GA

Who: Dance leaders and aspiring choreographers of The Salvation Army (All delegates must be 18+ unless accompanied by a parent)

All delegates from our division must be approved by the Music Department.  Let us know if you, or a member of your corps is interested in attending this conference.

*This will not be an annual conference.  This is a one-time only event*

Posted on August 14, 2018 .