Here you will find resources for corps music programs, music leaders, corps officers, and personal use. Feel free to submit suggestions for new content.

General Music

Method Books

Methods for all instruments, chorus, theory, and dance used in divisional programs, and are recommended for SA corps programs.  


Orders and Regulations

Reference this for all things concerning the operation of, rules, structure, purposes, etc. for bands and songster brigades.



Music Publications

This will help you choose proper music for your band, choir, and music classes. Includes helpful charts that show difficulty, instrumentation, and musical range. 


Len Ballantine Music

Major Ballantine has written many excellent choral works, and is a well respected choral trainer. Here you can find invaluable "Teaching Tips" and purchase his music.



Do you want to make your own sheet music? Do you compose or arrange music? This music notation software can be downloaded and used for free!


Keys 4/4 Kids

A nonprofit organization that accepts, restores, and sells donated pianos. These restored pianos are a very affordable option for your corps or facility.

Instrument Inventory

Use this template to create an inventory for your instruments.



Education & Practice

Online resources for music education. Includes online metronome, music theory and ear training, theory games, and more. 


Masterclass Series

This series of masterclasses, articles, and interviews provide incredible insight and instruction from some of the leading artistic and spiritual authorities in the world.



Trade South

At the new Southern Territorial Supplies and Purchasing Department site, you can purchase sheet music, recordings, resources, instruments, apparel, and more directly from The Salvation Army. 

SA Music Index

An incredible index of published Salvation Army vocal and instrumental music. It lists the journal, composer, year, and there are recordings for many of the pieces.


Music Stands

J.W. Pepper has several music stand options.  Accounts are easy to set up, and many corps have done so already.



Sites for listening and/or downloading music. 




Links for brass, creative arts, praise and worship , music ed., divisional and territorial music programs, and much more! 

Instrumental Contract

This contract is for those involved in corps music programs. It is especially useful for young people who have instruments assigned to them. Feel free to customize it to your needs.

Musician's Application and Bond

Use these documents to commission youth and senior musicians.


The Kristal Bell Method is designed for ages 4-10. The kit includes 32 bells, 2 songs w/ CD's, cue cards, instructions, and a carrying case. 

Brass Band, Percussion, and Chorus

Choral Resources

Resources for Songsters, Singing Company, Youth Chorus, personal study, choral leaders, rehearsal guides, and more.



Songbook/Tunebook Online

View the SA Songbook by visiting this site and scrolling down to the Songbook tab. It is searchable, gives background info about the origins of the song, and displays sheet music for the associated tunes.



Percussion Studio

This program aims to create well rounded percussionists in Salvation Army corps.

Lessons from Eric Ball

Series of educational letters on band training from one of the greatest Salvation Army composers ofalltime.



J.W. Pepper Sheet Music

J.W. Pepper is the world's largest online sheet music retailer. They carry many Army publications. They also carry many accessories such as stands, tuners, guitar strings, and more. Accounts are easy to set up, and many corps have done so already.

Contemporary Worship, Creative Arts, and Audio/Visual

Contemporary Worship & Guitar

Resources for your praise band and guitar programs. Includes educational content, equipment guides, and more! 


Creative Arts

Resources for corps dance and drama programs.




Audio/Visual Engineering

Resources for creating excellent audio and visual elements in your worship services.