Three Days

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From the minds and hearts of Deborah Craig-Claar and Camp Kirkland, Three Days is a compelling, new Easter musical about the last hours of Jesus' life on earth. Their goal was two-fold: to offer the life-changing Easter story in a simple, powerful way in order to encourage and renew the faith of believers and to provide an opportunity for non-believers to hear and see the truth of Jesus'' sacrifice and triumph.

Written with a clearly evangelistic message, Three Days uses a first-person point of view, with its single narrator and wonderfully chosen songs. With beautiful orchestrations, appealing vocal arrangements, and spare, dramatic backdrops, this musical is accessible for the choir and will appeal to any congregation. From the grand opening strains of "Behold the Man" to the heart-felt song "The Road of Sorrows" to the inventive re-working of "Beneath the Cross of Jesus," the music and narration flow effortlessly through each of the final events of the life of Jesus. By the time we hear the melody and testimonial lyrics of "I Stand Redeemed," we will have been swept along on an important journey to a time and place that we must never forget.

Posted on October 2, 2017 .