Youth Councils Info

Below is some very important info for all Darts participants and their officers at Youth Councils. 

All Music and Arts participants must be in place by 4:15 PM on Friday for sound checks. No exceptions! Your presence is required.

Please note the following uniforms for those who are participating in DArts groups at Youth Councils. You must be in proper uniform in order to participate:

  • Friday Night (Everyone) -    Summer Uniform (unless there is a provided costume for Dance or Drama)
  • Saturday Morning (Everyone - Summer Uniform (Unless you are a Corps Cadet Graduate who will be in Full Uniform)
  • Sunday Morning (Cherokee Brass, Chorus and Divisional Youth Praise Team)- Summer Uniform

Summer Uniform will need to include black ties and socks for the boys and Leggs "Off-Black" (or comparable) hose for the girls.  Please make sure that all have proper uniform shoes as well.

Posted on March 30, 2015 .