Important! Conservatory Uniform required for Conservatory students upon arrival


Students who attend the AOK Conservatory of Music will need a uniform from the very beginning of camp this year due to our participation in the Divisional Commander's farewell. This applies to all attending Conservatory - even if they are not Soldiers or Junior Soldiers.  In the past, we have needed to supplement uniform for many students to insure that all of our kids who graduate look the same.  You can find these items at Walmart or other places you can buy school uniforms. If we have to provide uniforms this year, we will order from trade and we will bill the corps for the cost of the items along with the expedited shipping costs.

Below please find the required uniform:


  • Black Uniform Pants
  • Black Socks
  • Black Uniform Shoes
  • Black Belt
  • White, short-sleeve uniform shirt (epaulets only required for commissioned senior soldiers) NO PATRIOT SHIRTS
  • Black Tie


  • Black Uniform Skirt
  • Uniform, Off-Black Panty Hose
  • Uniform Black Shoes
  • White, short-sleeve shirt (epaulets only required for commissioned senior soldiers)

Thank you for your help with this.  It is very difficult for us to manage from camp once the summer begins.

God bless you.


Andrew Barrington
Divisional Music Director
Arkansas and Oklahoma Division

Posted on June 10, 2016 .