DARTS & DLI Opening Registration


After the completion of another very successful AOK Conservatory of Music, our AOK Darts season is just around the corner.  Below you will find needed information, new information and reminders.  Please read this and contact me if you have any questions.

What we offer:

Beginners Band (Osage Brass)

Intermediate Band (Chickasaw Brass)

Youth Band (Cherokee Brass)

Adult Band (AOK Divisional Band)

Dance  (Gethsemane Dance)

Developmental Dance (Dimensions Dance)

Theater (Eden Cast)

Developmental Acting  (Synergy Theater) 



Choir (HOH Choir alumni)

You will notice that we have restructured our program to add different levels to dance and drama.  This is an exciting reflection of the growth of our programs.  Kaitlyn Hardiman will be writing corps officers about the structure of these programs and how it all works.  Please read this because there will be different expectations with these programs that you will need to familiarize yourself with, as will the students.  These include a new placement structure and necessary requirements to participation. To see the required placement audition for all dance and theatre delegates, click the button below:

You will also see that we are offering Guitar now at Darts.  We are striving to make Darts and Conservatory reflect each other in what we offer.  We are currently restructuring "Stage Craft" and will not be able to offer this at Darts until next year.  Percussion is incorporated in the band structure.

Below are some reminders to our structure:

Childcare is provided for families when both parents are participating in a Darts program.  We offer this to encourage family participation.

It is necessary that each participating corps has an adult representative on camp at all times.  Darts is not camp so it is necessary to have someone responsible for any emergencies that arise and also for any disciplinary action that is required.

It is necessary for each corps to provide adults (18 and older) who can serve as cabin councilors for these weekends.  We will not use everyone and will create a rotation based and the names that you provide.

Please complete a registration for all participants who you foresee attending darts this season - this will make monthly registrations easier for you in that you will only need to confirm those who will attend and/or add new participants as the need arises.  The link to our registration is below.

We are asking that each corps provide a copy of each participant's medical form for our records.  While it will be necessary for each corps to have a representative who will be responsible if an emergency arises, it would be helpful to have these forms on file.

I am sure that there are other things and we will inform you as they present themselves.  Additional information along with our online registration can be found at our website:

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

God bless,

Andrew Barrington
Divisional Music Director
Arkansas and Oklahoma Division

Posted on August 23, 2017 .