Contemporary Worship Workshop - "A Worthy Offering"


The Contemporary Worship Workshop was an incredible weekend! Corps praise teams from across AOK were individually coached by an incredible team of experts. We were also blessed to worship with the AOK Divisional Praise Team and transMission, and received a fantastic Bible Study led by DMD Andy Barrington.


We pray that you put into practice the things you learned at this workshop. Take great care with your preparation for worship. Remember, we are mandated to give God the “Best of Rooms” and the “Best of Rams”. Is your offering of worship a worthy one? God will only accept our very best. Are you ready to be yoked to Christ? Christ’s yoke is easy, and his burden light. Submit to His will, and He will pick you up when you stumble and guide you in the right direction. Are you wearing the proper clothes for the celebration? Our loving Savior has laid out a Gospel Feast for those who are prepared. Are you ready? Give Him your best. Give Him your whole heart.

Posted on November 1, 2018 .