Calendar Updates: DArts, Territorial groups visiting, and more.

Please see the following updates to the 2016 calendar for AOK Music and Arts functions:

April 1st - 2nd: DArts

This weekend will be only for groups participating in Youth Councils. The Divisional Band, Chickasaw Brass, Osage Brass will not be at this DArts rehearsal. 

July 1st - 2nd: Divisional Band Rehearsal

The Divisional Band will meet at camp at 8:00 PM on Friday, July 1st for the Conservatory Recital Night. We will then rehearse on Saturday, July 2nd until 6:00 PM, and possibly do an hour of masterclasses for the Conservatory students. 

September 2nd - 3rd: DArts

Rehearsals have been moved to the weekend of the 2nd-3rd.

September 15th-18th: Divisional Band Hosting the Southern Territorial Youth Chorus and and Southern Territorial Songsters

The Divisional Band will host the Southern Territorial Songsters and the newly formed Southern Territorial Youth Chorus in Oklahoma City. This will involve a series of rehearsals and concerts. 

Posted on March 14, 2016 .