Camper Life & Information for Parents

Conservatory delegates live at camp for five weeks! They receive excellent instruction in music and arts, and are taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Bible studies, worship services, devotions, etc. We ensure that a safe, interactive, and fun environment is given to the campers at conservatory.

Daily Life

  • Campers are in class the majority of the day. They have two hours of free time in the afternoon, and we end the day with a fun night program. Please see the daily schedule for more info.

  • Campers do their own laundry (all supplies are provided), with the help of their counselor if needed. They are assigned one day a week to do laundry.

Visiting and Contacting Campers

  • We welcome parents or guardians to visit on our weekly recital nights (Friday at 8:15). We ask that visits be limited to this time.

  • Campers are not allowed to have cell phones. We will hold any they bring and return them at the end of the summer. However, they can make and receive calls from the Conservatory office phone when they are not in class.

  • Please click HERE for more info our visitation policy.

  • Please click HERE for more info on things campers should bring or not bring to camp.

Hurricane Harbor Trip

  • Every year we take the campers on a trip to a water park in Arlington, Texas called Hurricane Harbor.

  • Transportation is done via charter bus.

  • We leave around noon , and stay overnight at The Salvation Army's Camp Hoblitzelle in Midlothian, Texas.

  • We will spend the Monday at the water park, and return to camp Heart O' Hills that night around midnight.

  • We ensure that all the safety guidelines, coverage, rules, and supervision that normally happen on camp also take place while we are on this trip.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!