Divisional Chorus Program

One of the best things about DARTS is that everyone sings in a choir! There are three separate choruses that happen during the weekend. We believe that choral singing in essential to any kind of musical training. We also place great importance on singing our praise, adoration, and Gospel message. If your corps has anyone participating in the Choral program at DARTS, then you can use them to start a choral program at your corps! If you already have a corps choral program, this is an excellent place for them to come and sing.

Youth Councils Chorus.jpg

Our Songster group is our adult choir, and is under the leadership of Major Tony Barrington. The Youth Chorus for everyone in Cherokee Brass and Youth Creative Arts, and is under the leadership of DMD Andrew Barrington. The Singing Company is for all those in D.I.M.P.L.E, and is under the leadership of Chelsea Gallant.  

Please contact the AOK Music Department if you are interested using any of the chorus groups for your event or worship service.