Childcare is provided at DARTS for families with children too young to participate in regular programs. There is no cost, and services are provided during all rehearsals. If both parents are on camp and participating in programs, their children are welcome at Childcare. If both parents are on camp and one is not participating in DARTS or DLI programs, Childcare is not open to them and they will need to supervise their own children.

Parents are asked to sign children in and out of childcare. Childcare is located at Jimmy Cox's house (the first house to the left when you pull in to camp).

Childcare Schedule


7:45 PM: Childcare Opens

10:45 PM: Childcare Closes


8:45 AM: Childcare Open

12:00 PM: Childcare Closes for Lunch

12:45 PM: Childcare Opens

2:45 PM: Childcare Closes