Divisional Praise Band

The AOK Divisional Praise Band seeks to provide excellent worship for Salvation Army events, concerts, and corps in the AOK Division. The members are all involved in the praise and worship teams at their home corps, and they exhibit excellence in their spiritual witness, musical abilities, and are strong Salvation Army Soldiers.


Band Members: 

Jeff Robbins (worship leader, guitar) 

Jimmy Cox (band leader, guitar) 

Troy Mitchell (auxiliary percussion, vocals)

Christina Brittle (vocals) 

Carl Corbitt (drum set)

Jerry Polk (bass guitar)

Bobby McFarland (keyboard)

Bannister Chaava (guitar)






While the Divisional Praise Band is most often used at large events at Camp Heart O' Hills, they are also very interested in providing worship and training to Salvation Army corps. The band can come to your corps and provide training for your corps worship team, assist you in starting a praise band, participate in events, and play for your worship services. 


One of the best ways to utilize the band is to have them out for an entire weekend to do training and provide worship. If you are interested in having the Divisional Praise Band at your worship service or event, please contact the AOK Music Department.