Chaperone & Counselor Responsibilities

Chaperone Responsibilities

  1. All corps are required to send a Safe From Harm trained chaperone if they have delegates under the age of 18.

  2. Chaperones will be the point person for issues with their delegates,, such as discipline, medical situations, attendance, etc.

  3. Upon arrival, register at the Conservatory. Chaperones will be housed in the best available spaces. If necessary, chaperones may be asked to serve as a cabin counselor.

  4. Ensure that their delegates get to the proper rehearsal locations.

  5. During rehearsals, chaperones have no responsibilities, but are asked to remain on camp.

  6. Meals are required. During meals, ensure that your delegates are present and that they do not leave until we dismiss.

  7. Upon departure, ensure that your delegates are accounted for.

  8. Report any issues to DMD Andy Barrington.



Counselor Responsibilities

  1. The private rooms of the cabins are reserved for counselor housing.

  2. Ensure proper behavior of delegates in the cabins.

  3. Ensure "lights-out" by 12:00 am.

  4. Ensure that all delegates in your cabin are awake in the morning and at breakfast on time.

  5. Report any issues to DMD Andy Barrington.