Guitar Studio

The Guitar Studio at DArts is a perfect place for anyone who is interested in learning guitar. We offer two levels of classes. The first level focuses on learning chords and praise and worship songs. They will work from The Contemporary Guitarist book one. The second level is a continuation of the Conservatory guitar studio. They focus on reading music as well as learning chords, with the intention of creating well-rounded guitar players who can provide worship and teach at their corps. 

Practice Resources

Sing to the King Play Along

Things to have ready for DARTS in March:

  1. Christ for the World
  2. Sing to the King (Use the Power Chord system with open B and high E strings. Refer to the "Chord Substitutions in the Key of E" index in the back of the book)
  3. Change My Heart O God
  4. Pentatonic Scale (1), Major Scale (d7)
  5. Holy Spirit (Finger Picking)